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You are welcome to one of the most vibrant Universities in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa.


Chancellor’s Welcome & Greetings!

Dear Newcomer Students,

Welcome to the University of Ambazonia (UOA). What an exciting journey awaits!

It is a great pleasure welcoming you to the University of Ambazonia (UOA). This upcoming new year 2022 would be our first Academic Year and a new begining for us all. The UOA was born out of the needs and aspirations of the Indigenous People of Ambazonia (IPOA). The Indigenous People of Ambazonia (IPOA) have had their homeland occupied, annexed and colonised by the Republic of Cameroon for decades. Indigenous Ambazonians have struggled all this while to enrich their minds through quality tertiary education. They have lost decades of opportunities to share their knowledge, understanding & phylosophy of life, their Scientific and Technological knowledge. They have been relegated to third class citizens, third class students and often rejected or denied admissions to Colonial Tertiary Institutions poorly runned and managed by Republic of Cameroon citizens. The UOA marks a new begining. The pain of not having the best Education simply because of who we are is now gone for good. 

To all non-Ambazonians, studying in the UOA will be a great opportunity to enrich your culture, science and technology as Ambazonia is a virgin territory of vast technologies and methodologies of education yet to be tapped. You would get all of that in the UOA. In the UOA cultural exchange would triumph.

Knowledge is Liberty is the motto for the University of Ambazonia (UOA) and this would remain true and throughout the history of the UOA. You would have to hold strong in your belief in this motto as it would evidently proof you right.

For those of you getting into University for the very first time, permit me congratulate you. Congratulations on working hard and persevering. You have passed your final exams and have been admitted to the UOA – this is a tremendous accomplishment during a time of war (a war of liberation from the illegal occupation of Ambazonia by the Republic of Cameroon) and a global pandemic. Take a moment to look back on how far you have come, and appreciate where you are today.

Last year was tough and rough, and we will no doubt continue to face difficulties this year with the ongoing effects of COVID-19 in the UOA, our Homeland Ambazonia and the Global community. While we look forward to our campuses (both physical and virtual) coming alive again as students and staff get together, we will be complying with all prescribed measures. We will also be asking you to agree to a code of conduct, which includes avoiding risky off-campus activities. We each have to accept responsibility to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. This is very important to all foreign students as well. Remember not all areas of Ambazonia are safe. We are in a middle of war in which Ambazonians are the victims. These are difficult times, and we need to work on our fitness and stay in shape to cross the finish line.

Our purpose is to provide a quality Tertiary Education experience that inspires all to succeed. Despite being a University aimed at serving the Indigenous People of Ambazonia (IPOA) we remain proudly international in our outlook and impact. This is very true because we have opened our doors to all other Indigenous Peoples and most especially to students and lecturers from Africa and other parts of the world.

The UOA has also established partnership arrangements with several International Institutions, Government and Non Governmental organisations to enable international students, in particular, to take advantage of what the UOA is offering. We are therefore delighted to expand and admit foreign students wishing to study with us, and making it possible for future leaders to access and obtain a wide range of qualifications from the UOA.

Our purpose is to ensure you succeed and therefore we would not relent in providing world class Tertiary Education experience that remains inspirational and a driving determinant to your success.

As we grow, we remain optimistic in gaining National and International reputation for our commitment to high quality learning, teaching and training, applied research, engagement with industry, and business within local and regional communities. Importantly, the University of Ambazonia (UOA) is a people-focused institution and it has much pride in its staff, students and the communities it serves.

We are a people-focused University and would do all in our power to make our students, staff and communities we serve remain proud. From now, you will have access to various support services at the Student Affairs. Here, highly experienced professionals stand ready to support your learning and development, guiding you every step of the way. Do make use of their services to make the most of your time at UOA.

We firmly believe you have what it takes to study successfully and graduate. Stay confident, remain focused on your studies and work very hard. And remember  to have fun along the way – many varsity friends become friends for life.

If you need help in the weeks and months ahead, simply reach out and ask. Because at the UOA, we always move forward together.


Dr. Florentin Fonche

(Phd, M.Sc, M.Ed, B.Sc/Dipl, QTS)