The University of Ambazonia (UOA) staff is made of a unified group of great minds available to facilitate in the academics of all students. The UOA promotes a genuine holistic approach from the faculty and staff in education, research and services with a level of professionalism expected from renown higher educational  institutes.

All prospective staff are encouraged to contact us directly in order to check for vacancies or alternatively enquire from our partner recruitment firms such as Golden Education to view advertised jobs and to submit their applications or interests.

In due course we would be providing a staff gateway that presents various resources that are available for current and prospective staff.

Due to the ongoing insecurity in Ambazonia and neighbouring countries in the Gulf of Guinea and the fact that Ambazonia continues to be under illegal occupation by the Republic of Cameroon, we would not list staff of the UOA on our websites. Some of our staff are resident in the Gulf of Guinea / West and Central Africa and we would want to protect them as much as we can. We would want to assure all prospective students and the Public at large that we have the a vast database of lecturers to recruit and call upon at short notice because we have established a partnership with Golden Education, a leading recruitment firm in the United Kingdom that has got a track record of providing high calibre lecturers to Schools, Colleges and Universities across the United Kingdom, USA and Europe.

Staff Development

The UOA Staff Development Office (SDO) falls under the jurisdiction of the Registrar’s Office. The SDO is specifically assigned with the responsibility of providing administrative support to all UOA Staff  under the Staff Development Programme (SDP). The SDP would be established in 2022 and would serve as a vehicle for beefing up the human resource base for the UOA. This would be accomplished by providing training awards or fellowships to Indigenous Ambazonian members of staff to enable them obtain academic and other qualifications needed for their posts and to increase their experience in their fields of expertise.